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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Code of Conduct page for answers on: 

  • General Behavior

  • Badge Swapping

  • Event Cancellation

  • Outside food & drink and more

  • Will you have food at DayCon?
    Yes, we have a small variety of food to purchase at DayCon. We will have chips, drinks, snacks and baked goods available! There are local eateries all around and in walking distrance. Sonic, McDonalds, Captain D's, Chinese food, Pizza and more. Ask a staff member for help finding the best option for you.
  • Will I be able to buy cool stuff at DayCon? Will there be vendors?
    Yes! We have a selected group of vendors that attend DayCon each year. Check out our website for more infomation on the vendors that will be exhibiting this year!
  • How do I register to attend DayCon?
    You can register early for DayCon during open registration dates. If you navigate to the Attendee regstration page on the DayCon website, you will see a sign-up form or more information if registration is closed. You can also register on-site once the event has started.
  • How do I buy more than one DayCon badge for a friend or Family member?
    You can register your friend or family member the same way that you registered. Just make sure you fill our their name and email address so they can sign-up for games when available. You must enter a unique email address for the person you are signing up so that they will have access to game signup. If you use the same email address, you will only receive one invitation to sign-up for games. So please use a unique email address for each registered attendee. If you need assistance with this or do not have another email address to use, please contact DayCon and we can help!
  • I would like to run a game at DayCon. How do I get my game on the list?
    When game sign-up is open, you can click the GM Game Registration page in the menu. Fill out all the information with as much description as possible. You can run a game one time, the same game more than once or different games. You need to fill out the GM Game Registration form for EACH game and time slot you want to run. Then register for your GM Badge.
  • Can we sign-up early for games? If so, how?"
    If you register early for DayCon, you will receive an invitation to sign-up for games once game sign-up is available. Which normally occurs towards the end of March.
  • When do games go live and how can I sign up?
    Games normally go live about one month before the event. If you have already registered as an attendee or a GM, you will receive an invitation from Eventbrite. This invitation is specific to the email address that is registered. You must follow the link within the email in order to get access to the game sign-up site. Once you follow the link, you are redirected to the EventBrite website. You will log-in and select the games that you want. You will be emailed confirmation once finished.
  • How do I change my games once I sign-up and receive confirmation?
    On the email confirmation page, you will see a link that says "View and manage your online order". This will take you to the EventBrite website. You must enter your email address and password (if you already have an Eventbrite account) Not sure if you have an account with Eventbrite? Enter your email and it confirm by surfacing a "Password" field to log in. If we don’t recognize the email address, you’ll see the option to "Sign up for free". Once this is done, You should see your order. Then click the "Edit" link (on the right) to get started. Here is a help document from the EventBrite website that might help.
  • Do you have open gaming? Can I bring my own games to play?
    Yes, you can bring your own games to play in our open gaming room! You can also play one of the many games that we have available in the open gaming room that is provided by OTM!
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